Funtana – Istra

The holiday resort Funtana is located on the western coast of the Croatian peninsula Istria in the northern Adriatic Sea.
This popular tourist destination blessed with mild climate,clean sea, and a bathing season that lasts from May to October, only a few hours’ drive from all of the major European capitals.

Near cities:

  • Vrsar (4.6 km – 9 min)
  • Poreč (7.2 km – 10 min)
  • Rovinj (31.6 km – 38 min)
  • Novigrad (23 km – 28 min)
  • Nacionalni park Brijuni (50 km – 60 min)

It is located on such an attractive and well-indented coastline that runs from Zelena laguna near Poreč to Valkanela close to Vrsar, so tourism seemed to be the ideal activity.
Funtana ‘s Riviera is characterized by divesity:pebble beaches,sandy or rocky beaches, small or large, adapted or wild-you can really cosse here!

Funtana has retained the appearance of a typical seaside village. Before turning to tourism, the natives were solely engaged in fishing and agriculture, since the sea that splashes the coasts of Funtana is rich in fish, and the soil is particularly fertile
It is difficult to find another place in Istria where so many restaurants,taverns and cafe bars are situated in such a small region like Funtana.
Probably the best witnesses to the quality of this tourist destination and its long tradition are the satisfied faces of visitors who come here in ever growing numbers each year.

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